Perry Hendrix
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Perry Hendrix



Perry Hendrix’s penchant for fresh local ingredients and calm demeanor make him perfectly suited for avec and Blackbird. Although Hendrix is at home in the kitchen, he came to cooking by way of wine. “For me the two are inseparable, the progression from wine to food was natural,” says Hendrix. A graduate of Miami University in Ohio, with a degree in Botany, Hendrix spent the last years of his education concentrating on wine production.

Chef Hendrix began his professional cooking career in Asheville, NC where he sought independent restaurants dedicated to local ingredients and traditional foodways. His time at the Market Place and Richmond Hill effectively laid the groundwork for his culinary career. Next, Hendrix was lured west to Utah, where he headed the kitchen at The Metropolitan; followed by time in St. Louis where opened Brasserie by Niche, as well as conceptualize Taste by Niche. Hendrix moved to Chicago in 2010 to take the helm at Custom House Tavern, eventually opening Maison in 2012. Custom House Hospitality Group proved an excellent foray into Chicago’s culinary landscape, allowing him to create relationships with local area purveyors and dining guests. In June of 2013, Hendrix joined One Off Hospitality Group, as Chef de Cuisine of avec. His inherent talent and passion for food and hospitality made him the obvious choice when the opportunity to lead both Blackbird and avec arose in August of 2014.

Now at avec and Blackbird, Hendrix has embraced each restaurants’ core cuisine, while making the menus his own. He resides in Chicago with his wife and young son.


Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30