Tigist Reda

Tigist Reda

Demera Ethiopian Restaurant 

She was born in northern Ethiopia during the years of communism in the African nation, making her family moving from one city to the capital due to the civil war during this period. She learned the secrets of the traditional Ethiopian food since very young age. She is the number seventh of eleven children in the family and her family was constituted with twenty members in the house hold. Having a family this big, the cooking process was a routine that included preparing meals from the scratch. Since the very young years Tigist was a good helper at kitchen, assisting her elders in the preparation of the meals, who transfer their knowledge of spices and ingredients of Ethiopian food.


She came to The United States in 2007. As an immigrant she worked different jobs while taking ESL classes, she worked as a cashier, server, and parking lot manager among other positions. She was feeling that she wanted to have a career and make a better living. She had a passion for cooking and entertaining, and wanted to combine these and create a career and a better living. In 2007 Tigist decided that she could combine her passion for cooking and entertaining to open her own restaurant. Demera Restaurant opened its door by her desire of providing authentic Ethiopian cuisine, culture, and the warmth of the Ethiopian people in the area of Uptown.


            September 2020            

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