Susan Frasca




The Chicago Tribune’s dining critic, Phil Vettel, named Susan Frasca “1998’s Quickest Empire Builder.” The Frasca Hospitality Group is Chicago’s largest female-owned restaurant conglomerate and an important presence on the Chicagoland restaurant scene.

The Kinzie Chophouse’s comfortable, yet sophisticated atmosphere is the perfect backdrop to a fabulous experience. In 1998, when Susan purchased the restaurant, the scuffed-up walls, harsh lighting, sagging floors and dingy exterior were hiding the amazing jewel of a dining spot that it would become. “I wanted a place where people could feel comfortable pulling up a chair and calling it their second home. Whatever it took, it just had to be done. So we brought in our own ‘Trading spaces’ troop,’ laid down a new floor, bought all new tables, chairs, redecorated, brought in a new staff, installed atmospheric lighting and new artwork and completely up scaled the tone of the guest’s dining experience,” says Frasca. The result is a total transformation that has put The Kinzie Chophouse at the top of the restaurant list for both locals and Chicago visitors.

The Frasca Hospitality Group continues to be a leader and sets the standard for fine dining in Chicago.

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