Shota Nakajima
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shota nakajima

Adana seattle


Chef Shota Nakajima grew up in Seattle in a Japanese family.  His point of view is influenced by his mother’s homemade cooking coupled with his focus on ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.

Shota began cooking in Seattle-area Japanese restaurants in his teens and fell in love with all aspects of restaurant life. At age 18, he moved to Osaka, Japan to learn the depth of his native culture and to attend Tsuji Culinary Arts School, one of Japan’s most prestigious.  Following graduation, Shota had the opportunity to apprentice under Michelin Star Chef, Yasuhiko Sakamoto.  When Shota returned to Seattle, he worked for Chef Taichi Kitamura at Sushi Kappo Tamura in 2011 and 2012. 

In 2014, he opened his own catering business, Kappo Kitchen, and in December, he won the Seattle round of the World Washoku Challenge 2014. Fans of Shota’s beautiful, Japanese presentations were introduced to contemporary Kaiseki dining when he opened Naka Kaiseki and bar in June of 2015.  In February of 2017, Naka Kaiseki was reborn as Adana restaurant and bar, offering 3-course tasting menus of Japanese comfort food and a la carte, Japanese street food in the bar.

Shota’s culinary talent continues to bring him critical recognition. In 2017, he was selected as a contestant on the Food Network’s Iron Chef Gauntlet and was named as a national semifinalist on’s Young Guns.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30