Sam Plotnick
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Focusing on the singular aspect of what a restaurant or dish needs is the driving inspiration for Temporis’ Chef/Owner Sam Plotnick. Temporis, which opened January 2017, presents a ten-course tasting menu to an intimate 20-seat dining room each evening.


Plotnick’s foray into the restaurant world began with a single electric crockpot in his college dorm room.  Homesick for the culinary variety his youth in Chicago afforded him, Plotnick began sneaking more and more cooking equipment into his room.  Responding to his requests for an ingredient care package, his parents sent a densely packaged box with a single one-ounce jar of truffle salt.  While the truffle salt certainly elevated his eggs and Cheerios, Plotnick expanded his repertoire to properly utilize the truffle in classical dishes, which he served to neighbors. It wasn’t long before the University, displeased with the smells of fermenting beer, the electrical excesses of a closet hydroponic herb garden and a full kitchen, shut Plotnick down.  That summer he redirected his culinary energy towards an internship at Les Nomades (Chicago, IL).


Following college, Plotnick assumed a position as a line cook, or Chef de Tournant, at Les Nomades learning every station in the kitchen. On the side, he began writing down ideas for his own food, leading to a series of pop up dinners, ultimately inspiring Temporis.


Plotnick’s passion for seasonality has led to a continuous exploration of sustainable urban farming and hydroponics.  Outside of the restaurant, he plays the cello and guitar, noting that the mixture of creativity and physical technique parallels the skills required in cooking.  He also enjoys playing poker and keeping up with current events and economic policy.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30