Peter Coenen



Pete Coenen an executive chef with Land and Sea Dept, overseeing their various concepts within the Chicago Athletic Association, which include the reinvigorated Cherry Circle Room, its game and tasting rooms, and more. Originally from the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, Coenen got his start in the restaurant industry washing dishes at the cafeteria of the boarding school where his parents taught. From there he moved on to food prep, then was garde mange at local hot spot and has been cooking ever since. While attending culinary school at Johnson and Wales, in Providence, Rhode Island, he worked at classic French restaurant Pot au Feu, where he eventually immersed himself fully, developing his craft under its dedicated chef.

After stops around the US, and then after months of food and culture travels throughout Europe, Coenen relocated to Chicago, where he worked under Guisseppe Tentori at Boka, before becoming Executive Chef at The Gage and then accepting the position with Land and Sea Dept. Coenen cooks in a style that is rustically refined, and utilizes his cooking background and travels as a canvas for inspiration in formulating focused food that is seasonally inspired, refined, and approachable.

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