Pablo Salas
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Pablo Salas


Pablo Salas was born in Toluca, State of Mexico, in August 23, 1980. He is a chef proudly carrying his origin. And it shows in his cuisine, as mexiquense as himself.

His career, primarily self-taught, caught flight by 2004 taking charge of his first restaurant, which was acquired by transfer fee. The road was hard and learning wide as in 2008, having grown his experience and being finalist in a couple of national competitions, Pablo began a process of introspection in which he discovered a rich cuisine ignored by many, even by him: the one of his natal State of Mexico. 

Having traveled through several municipalities while eating, meeting traditional cooks, new ingredients, recipes and priceless cultural treasures were decisive for Pablo to redefine his cuisine and career, always with the support of his family. So Amaranta was born in September 2010, with the commitment of representing with dignity its local cuisine, always treating it with respect, but with a personal touch based on research, taste and the most suitable technique for each ingredient. And so was born the Mexiquense Contemporary Cuisine. 

Constant work and continuous commitment as a representative of its local cuisine have made Amaranta to be chosen as one of the best restaurants in Mexico in various publications and Pablo Salas has been appointed delegate of the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture (CCGM), the agency responsible for the promotion and dissemination of Mexican cuisine as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. In addition to these activities, Pablo is a member of the Mexican Cuisine Collective, he gives cooking classes in various educative institutions all over Mexico, he has been invited as a juror at culinary competitions and as a speaker at various conferences and festivals around Mexico, the United States and Canada, including Madrid Fusión México, Mesamérica, Latin Food Fest, Millesime México, Cornucopia, El Saber del Sabor, Test Kitchen L.A., Baja Culinary Fest, Morelia en Boca, Kultur, Pacific Cooks and others.


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