Mitch Einhorn

Mitch Einhorn

Twisted Spoke/Lush Wine & Spirits

My first business plan was written on a cocktail napkin and that was where the Twisted Spoke was born.

But starting restaurants and wine concepts takes experience and training. While you might be thinking I look like a CIA or French Culinary Institute graduate you would be wrong. My first training came at DDI – that is the Duncan Donuts Institute washing dishes when I was 12 years old , from there I moved on to the more sophisticated dishes at Giordano’s.

My talent must have been recognized because I got my first break there moving from dish washing area to prepping vegetables and grating cheese. They eventually let me make a couple of pizzas.

My pastry and dessert skills started at the Mall where I perfected my Carmel Corn making skills. Not content with this fame, I did a brief stint as a line cook at a high pressure Burger King.

Great chefs multitask and it was at the Saucy Noodle were I was really introduced to true cooking, as the head pizza dude, pasta department fill‐in, as well as smoking the BBQ chickens and ribs. My Carmel Corn reputation caught up to me because during the day they turned the pizza area into a candy kitchen, and the Pizza Dude became the Candy Man. So this Saucy Noodle guy had his hands in a little bit of everything. After my back of house experience, I tried my hand as a food transfer engineer for a catering company. Then I put those finely honed skills to work transferring food at a country club ‐ it was summer full of golf talk.

My career path may be non‐traditional but the experience must have taken. In last 19 years I have created the Twisted Spoke on Grand, Bone Daddy BBQ on Ogden, Pie Hole Pizza on Racine, Twisted Spoke on Clark, Pie Hole Pizza on Roscoe, Lush Wine and Spirits Roscoe Village, Lush Wine & Spirits West Town, and the Lush Wine Bar in West Town and Roscoe Village, featuring wine and delicious snacks.

Most recently I have created my own beverage company; I am making wine for Chateau Nomad and dabbling with beer under the Nomad Brewing label.

            September 2020            

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