Miguel Ortiz
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Miguel Ortiz



Miguel’s early interest in food began as a family affair. Following after his mother who worked in catering, he developed an early penchant for food. Upon arrival to Chicago, he gained many skills including teamwork from Noyes, basic full-service restaurant from Swisshotel, fine-dining and detail from Caliterra with Chef John Coletta, and how to open a new concept at Custom House with Chef Richard Camarota, whom he met at Cafe Spiaggia. Working closely with Ryan O’Donnell, Miguel fine-tuned his ability to run a kitchen while working as a Chef of Rustic House.

Staying within the family, Miguel continues to push boundaries and deliver excellent cuisine to his loyal guests at Gemini Chicago, including his signature grilled swordfish chop. Some of his favorite things about his job include creating menus, hearing positive feedback, and setting up a successful kitchen team. In his free time, Miguel enjoys playing soccer with his friends.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 24 - 29, 2019