Luke Creagan



Chef Luke Creagan has spent much of his life, in and out of the kitchen, learning and gleaming lessons from his experiences to celebrate food and create dishes that appeal to a variety of audiences. He was born in Rockford, IL to a Midwest family and grew up in Milwaukee, WI through his adolescence.  At a young age, he was inspired and interested by his grandma’s and mother’s constant cooking from scratch and soon started receiving his first lessons in fresh ingredients and a love of creating as he became their junior sous chef in making breads, dressings and pies.

The day he got his driver’s license at 16 years old, he went into Culver’s to inquire about working behind the scenes at the location where he loved ordering fresh burgers and shakes He was hired, and worked the next two years behind the scenes at Culver’s until he left for culinary school and an entirely different, diverse food scene in Chicago.

Working with and around food was the only thing that made perfect sense to him.  Everything else had major drawbacks, but cooking made him feel complete and responded strongly to the “You have to do what you love” mentality.

After working at Soldier Field, eventually overseeing the luxury suites, Creagan declined a job to be the personal chef for the Delaware North Companies CEO in Palm Springs, to be the sous chef at the newly opened Bonsoiree, working with Michelin Star Chef Shin Thompson.

Creagan worked at Bonsoiree for nearly five years becoming the chef de cuisine after three years. Creagan created menus with dishes that always challenged the mind of his cooks and his diners, but also found ways to sneak comfort food and old fashioned food done right into his cooking.

After Bonsoiree, he became executive chef at Pops for Champagne, where he worked meticulously with his team on ways to entice the people coming in to have a great time with drinks and food. While at Pops for Champagne, he learned a single attribute that he has taken with him on his culinary journey - people do not have to be served something completely new, just a dish, done right every time.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30