Luca Corazzina

Luca Corazzina

312 Chicago


312 CHICAGO, nearby theaters and Chicago’s renowned shopping district in the heart of downtown Chicago Loop has some new fire in its kitchen. Luca Corazzina has definitely made his mark in the culinary circuits within Chicago land.

As a young boy, Corazzina learned from his mom how to create true Northern Italian cuisines. Shortly after moving from his home in Padova, Italy, Corazzina and his family opened Trattoria Veneta in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood in 1988. Corazzina then ventured out building his own reputation and respect, by working for various well-known restaurants throughout Chicago.

A lover of authentic Italian cuisine, Corazzina first brought his experience and youthful spirit to VIVO in 1993 as Executive Sous Chef.

Within two years, Corazzina was hired as Executive Chef to open Pane Caldo in Miami Beach, FL. Embracing the opportunity to set up a new kitchen, create his own menu and train other chefs, Corazzina relocated to South Florida where he prepared Venetian Italian dishes and received wide acclaim.

Returning to Chicago in 1995, Corazzina served short stints at Costa Doro and Via Emilia. Corazzina earned three stars from the Chicago Sun Times and contributed to the restaurant’s description as one of the ten best in Chicago in 1996.

Corazzina left Chicago in October of 1997 to work at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando as Restaurant Chef. He took on more operational responsibilities, worked on many special events, and was able to work with talented chefs from all over the world.

In March of 1998, by request, Corazzina returned to VIVO to run the kitchen as Executive Chef. Corazzina jumped at the chance to return and was anxious to share his experiences.

The spring of 2001, Corazzina joined the Francesca group as Executive Chef for Francesca’s By The River. Having a desire to grasp the entirety of the restaurant business Corazzina took on managerial responsibilities, training, hiring and supervising.

Corazzina helped open restaurants with the hope that one day he would open his own. In pursuit of his dreams, Corazzina eventually opened Figo Ristorante, Glen Ellyn in 2004. Figo had been quite an accomplishment and success. Corazzina and his business partner then opened Figo Ristorante, St. Charles.

After successfully opening his own restaurants, Corazzina decided to help long time friend Mark Sparacino open his dream restaurant Prosecco. Corazzina demoted his position from Executive Chef/Owner to Chef di Cuisine. Corazzina created an impressive menu that gave Prosecco the jump-start it needed to continue its success.

During the summer of 2008 Corazzina started consulting for the Kimpton Group’s Domaso Tratorria in the Hotel Palomar, Arlington, VA. This was an exciting move for Corazzina. He sacrificed living away from his family for the entire summer, which proved to be a wise decision. A great relationship and mutual respect grew between both the Kimpton Group and Corazzina. Corazzina, eager to move forward and expand his culinary passion as well as business experiences, decided that the Kimpton Group was the company in which he wanted to continue growing with. He obtained the Executive Chef position for the 312 CHICAGO restaurant in the Allegro Hotel where you can find him today.

When asked what his most useful tool in the kitchen is, Corazzina replies, “My mother always taught me that the basis for fine cuisine is the use of the finest available ingredients. Top shelf ingredients produce entrees that are closest to perfection. That is the recipe for success.”

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