Joe Rossi
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Joe Rossi


Chef Joe Rossi, Executive Chef of Millers Pub, brings more than 20 years of culinary experience to one of Chicago’s most historic and iconic restaurants located in the Loop. A native Chicagoan, Rossi found his calling to cuisine after high school and quickly enrolled in Kendall College to start on a passionate journey through the culinary world. Upon his graduation he honed his skills as a line cook at Onesixtyblue working with chefs Patrick Robertson and Martial Noguier.

He credits his culinary range to the great many teachers who have welcomed him into their kitchen as well as his grandmother. One of his earliest memories involved him standing on a stepstool, wearing an oversized apron, cooking alongside her learning all of her Italian cooking techniques and special family recipes.

Bringing his exquisite palate and creativity to everything he touches, Chef Rossi intends on continuing his passion, growing his business and cultivating a new era of culinary creativity. He believes the most flavorful cuisine is made with the best, highest quality products and he considers it part of his job to inspire and educate guests about the beauty of all cuisines.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 27 - 29, 2019