Greg Gaardbo

   greg gaardbo


Chef and co-owner of both Rockin Rodizio and Chicago Culinary Kitchen, Greg, a former marine, started his career as an artist. While working odd jobs, he founded Shockwaves Promotional Apparel which he has ran for 28 years. Never having had the chance to go to culinary school, it has been through his passion, creativity and experimentation with different foods and cuisines that he has educated himself in the “kitchen.”

Through his travels to Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belgium, Brussels, Holland, Denmark, and Spain seeking delicious and unique cuisines he has developed a love of the different flavors of each culture and uses them for inspiration in his dishes. He continues his journey in the culinary art scene, continuously in pursuit of perfecting each dish he undertakes in both flavor and presentation; from BBQ to steaks to burgers, the focus remains to be quality meats as the star of his dishes.  

            September 2020            

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