Federico Comacchio


Federico is passionate about the clean, clear flavors of Tuscany. He believes that every dish should simply express the fresh ingredients from which it is prepared and he demonstrated this in both his traditional and contemporary creations at Coco Pazzo. Federico’s early hands-on culinary education took him through Italy including Genoa and Milan where he worked for two Michelin Star restaurants. He worked with the Bice organization in Paris and Puerto Rico and returned to Italy. His dream of coming to the states brought him to Chicago in 2001 where he became executive chef at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush.

Federico’s heritage and vast culinary experience made him a real Italian ambassador at Coco Pazzo. His commitment to his culinary craft and his passion for perfection was be seen in every dish at Coco Pazzo.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 24 - 29, 2019