Emily Spurlin
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emily spurlin

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Emily Spurlin first fell in love with pastry while attending culinary school in Paris, France.  After living and working there for over a year, she moved to Chicago for it's exciting and diverse culinary scene.  Emily worked on the hot line for years, most notably at The Publican, where she was introduced to hyper-seasonal and ingredient-driven cooking. Her produce-driven style is largely influenced by her time working on the savory side.  It was also there that she made the transition to pastry under then-Pastry Chef Anna Posey.  After The Publican, Emily moved on to Floriole to manage the pastry team and learn the skill behind the pastries she adored so much while in France, resulting in a deep interest and passion in laminated breakfast pastries.  It was during her time there that she was contacted by Dan Snowden, her mentor at The Publican, to join the opening team of Bad Hunter as Executive Pastry Chef.  She is enthused to create desserts for a restaurant that aligns with her seasonal and vegetable-forward style.  She strives to find a balance between unusual yet nostalgic, simple yet complex.  Her work has been featured in Bon Appétit, New York Times, Zagat, and Chicago Magazine.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30