Chris Gawronski

Chris Gawronski

Acanto / The Gage


As executive chef at Acanto and The Gage, Chris Gawronski brings inherent talent and genuine passion to every dish he creates. Growing up in Michigan, Gawronski understood the ins and outs of the kitchen from an early age. His father owned Italian restaurants where pizza was tossed by hand and pasta was made from scratch, including his favorite, rotelle or as Gawronski called it as a child, “wagon wheels and red sauce.”

Gawronski began his career in Columbus, Ohio before moving to Los Angeles, Calif., where he held positions at several acclaimed and Michelin star-awarded restaurants. He has worked alongside many talented chefs, including Quinn Hatfield of Hatfield’s in Los Angeles, David Meyers of Sona and Brian Polcyn of Forest Grille, all of whom provided invaluable knowledge and helped shape his palate.

In 2011, Gawronski joined the culinary team at Henri as chef de cuisine. He went on to take the executive chef role at both Henri and The Gage. When Acanto opened in 2014, taking the place of Henri, it was the perfect concept for Gawronski to head, combining his knowledge of authentic Italian cuisine and techniques with his love for local ingredients and tips learned from his father. At The Gage, Gawronski continues to create seasonal menus that reflect the European influences for which the restaurant is known.

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