Carlos Gaytán




Gaytán maintains a constant in his life, perseverance, value that governs him and has led him today to be one of the models to follow in the world of cuisine. With a marked preference to the cuisine and flavors of his native Mexico, and to these flavors that inspire him and incorporates his preference to the technique of French cuisine. For Gaytán, the secret of his cuisine is the product, the research and the extraction of the flavors and natural properties of each product. In this process, he pours his energy to start the selection of suppliers culminating in the preparation of dishes and moments in the mouth for his clients.

His career in the kitchen began from his childhood in Guerrero, where hunting, preparing stories in the kitchen and cooking food were part of the day to day of the Gaytán family. Later he moved to Chicago and went through different restaurants, starting at the Sheraton North Shore Hotel, Union League Club Chicago and Margot Bistrot establishing his personal brand to open today's renowned restaurant Mexique (2008), located at 1529 West Chicago Avenue and now accomplishing another goal from his bucket list with the grand opening of his restaurant HA in Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Riviera Maya, Mexico Summer of 2017. Each space dedicated to the art of the plate, the enjoyment and pleasure of eating well, where the experience is complete and is unveiled before the eyes of the guest.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 27 - 29, 2019