Bernard Bennett



Born in Chicago and raised in Albion, Michigan, Chef Bernard Bennett discovered his love of cooking as a child while preparing dishes alongside his mother at home. After working in restaurants through high school, he moved back to the Windy City to attend the Art Institute of Chicago, joining Chicago’s noteworthy culinary scene.

Upon graduation from culinary school in 2010, Bennett spent four years as a personal chef before transitioning back into restaurants. He honed his skills and moved up the ranks while working with local establishments such as Three Aces, Drinking Bird, Buck’s and the Bedford before joining 16 On Center’s Hyde Park restaurant, The Promontory.

Bennett’s culinary inspiration stems from his passion for approachable, home-cooked dishes, a love of locally sourced, seasonal vegetables, and cuisine from Africa and Asia. He especially enjoys sustainable cooking, using every aspect of an ingredient, and experimenting with exotic spices.

When not in the kitchen, Bennett enjoys spending time with his wife and staying active, especially boxing.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30