2016 Talent
Janet Austin
Janet Austin Art

Janet Austin works in sculpture and public art. Her work explores relationships MORE.
Matthew Csernansky
Matthew Csernansky

Having begun my artistic pursuits early on, I found my love and appreciation of the physical world around me took the form of sculpture MORE.
Corey Dennison
Corey Dennison Band

Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Corey Dennison spent a majority of his childhood moving about Tennessee MORE.
Peter N. Gray

Peter N. Gray is a multi-disciplinary artist with a diverse background involving science, art ... MORE.
Chris Newman
Chris Newman Sculpture

A sculptor who loves food! Cooking and making sculpture both bring materials together to appeal ... MORE.
Joel Paterson
The Modern Sounds

Joel Paterson and The Modern Sounds is a Chicago based rhythm trio featuring Joel Paterson on guitar, ... MORE.
Christine Perri
Christine Perri Wood Sculptor

Christine Perri is a wood sculptor who carves trees... MORE.
Jozef Sumichrast
Jozef Sumichrast

I am interested in the simultaneous viewing of a subject from more than one angle at a time. A flat two... MORE.
Michael Young
Michael Young Sculpture

I started out as a child, building tree houses and various objects. Creating became a critical part of ... MORE.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30