Arthur Horocki

Arthur Horocki


Arthur Horocki’s team role at refined Chicago cocktail bar, Celeste (111 W Hubbard St), can be best understood as creative engineer – crafting intricate, innovative and flavorful drinks in a high-volume capacity. He is committed to creating the best cocktails for Celeste’s customers who venture into their bustling River North location.


The beverage team at Celeste is made up of creative members with vast personalities that draw special attention to the cocktail “lab” atmosphere. Horocki was born and raised in Brooklyn and has been in the business since 1998. His vision is clear – simply be the best at what he does. As he continues to contribute to the development of Celeste’s extensive beverage program, his experience working in nightclubs, cocktails bars and pubs has taught him that the key to success is finding inspiration in everything, whether that be from cuisine, literature, or even while perusing the farmers market.


Horocki’s resume includes stints at several cocktail bars under one management team in the Tampa Bay area over a span of 10 years, from 2002 to 2012. He served as the Beverage Director at multi-level night club and cocktail bar The Castle, Lead Bartender at the small and casual cocktail bar Fuma Bella and Lead Bartender at a local pub-style neighborhood bar, The Fly Trap. Throughout these experiences, Horocki developed the skills to manipulate seasonal and local ingredients to help create both classic and progressive cocktails.


Horocki currently resides in Chicago neighborhood, Wicker Park. Classically trained in piano, he enjoys music and playing base guitar.

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