Adam Dittmer

Adam Dittmer

Bistro Campagne

For nearly three years, Adam Dittmer has worked exclusively at Bistro Campagne, starting as the bistro’s chef de cuisine and becoming the executive chef in 2012, Dittmer received his culinary training at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, where he studied French cooking technique.


His culinary experience includes work at esteemed Chicago restaurants such as Aqualine, Brasserie Jo’s, Café Absinthe, Coobah, Japonais and Spago. Immediately before Bistro Campagne, Dittmer worked for four and a half years at Bin Wine Café, starting as sous chef and quickly becoming the restaurant’s chef de cuisine. In addition to Bistro Campagne’s founder Michael Altenberg, his numerous career highlights including working with many celebrated chefs such as John Caputo, Graham Elliot, Jean Joho, Matt Jost, Francois Kwaku-Dongo, Wolfgang Puck and Gene Kato.


In addition to the influence of Altenberg, the original owner and executive chef of Bistro Campagne, Dittmer believes having been raised on a farm in Central Illinois as having a great affect on his work ethic and view on food, both of which align with Chef Altenberg’s own mission for Bistro Campagne. Dittmer continues this legacy today, creating fresh, simple, flavorful and approachable food served in a comfortable setting.


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