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Restaurant Rock Stars

Your Restaurant Will Sell, Perform & Profit Like Never Before

SALES STARS is an online Training Bootcamp which conditions your staff to recognize Sales Opportunities EVERY TABLE, EVERY TIME while enhancing your guest’s Dining Experience.

SALES STARS is a True COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE! When staff are SALES STARS Trained, they are empowered to Educate, Inform & Recommend at the precise “Moments of Truth” before the Sale is LOST! The “KEY” is recognizing and capturing the vast hidden opportunities most servers Miss by making profitable suggestions your guests will enjoy. “ORDER TAKERS” Do NOT Maximize Sales for your restaurant…. they LEAVE Dollars on the table!

If your staff are NOT telling your customers “What’s Great” about your restaurant, you’re actually doing guests a Dis-Service!

SALES STARS trains your staff to be effective Sales & Service Ambassadors for your restaurant giving your customers reasons to return again and again and tell their friends.

SALES STARS is just $97 and pays for itself in just One Night on your floor!




Member Spotlight


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Restaurant Rock Stars

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