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ClearFit is designed to take the stresses, pressures, and guesswork out of hiring. Their patented software, originally developed for Fortune 500 companies, was created specifically to help restaurants attract, screen, and predict candidate success.

Restaurants that use ClearFit:

  • Hire faster
  • Save money
  • Retain better employees

With the industry seeing such consistently high turnover, the importance of hiring the right people for your business is crucial. You simply don’t have extra time or money to waste on another bad hire!

It’s not always easy to define what the “perfect candidate” looks like, so ClearFit has created an infographic for a helpful illustration. What is really in the DNA of an all-star cook?

DNA of an all-star cook

Simplifying the hiring process allows you to save time and money, and focus on what matters most: running your restaurant! IRA members get an exclusive $100 credit towards ClearFit’s Silver hiring bundle.

IRA Member $100 credit

This fall, don’t fall short when conducting your restaurant hiring! ClearFit helps you get it right, every time.



Member Spotlight


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