Kenneth Robinson

Kenneth Robinson


Chef Ken Robinson started his culinary journey 16 years ago, in France. Then from there the world has truly been his canvasses, making international stops in the south of France, Spain, Brazil and Nicaragua; but always returning home to practices crafts he picked up on his journey.

A native New Yorker Chef Ken Worked for Sean Puffy Combs as a personal chef, appeared on chef Hunter at the famed Les Halle's Downtown, and worked for numerous athletes and entertainers.

Having found his way to Chicago, Chef Ken has worked with some of the top French chefs in Chicago, Dida Durant at Cyranno"s, Steven Chipiti at Mango, and Rhapsody. Chef Ken also opened the Grasshopper, Heat and Ola.

Currently he is working with the Porkchop restaurant group here in Chicago. 


Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30