David Jahnke

David Jahnke

Italian Village

Chef David Jahnke has over 25 years of Chef experience and began his career at Spiaggia as Executive Banquet Chef of their private dining rooms. He worked under renowned Chef’s Tony Mantauno and Paul Bartolotta. He also worked for Levy Restaurant Corporation and Cocco Pazzo Café all that were started in Chicago as Executive Chef and then spent the last 11 years running the kitchen at Mike Ditka’s restaurant.

His cooking philosophy consists of fresh seasonal ingredients. Summertime is great with fresh produce harvested from our rooftop garden at the restaurant including Beefsteak tomatoes, Arugula and many fresh herbs which we feature on our menus. With Spring approaching Chef David enjoys utilizing mushrooms and slow roasting stews like Ossobuco.

Chef David is a firm believer of using the best and freshest ingredients available with an eye on responsible and sustainable harvesting. 


Millennium Park   |   Sept 28 - 30