Yongho Cho



Chef Yongho Cho is the Executive Sushi Chef for Kamehachi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar. Chef Cho was born in Seoul, Korea and spent most of his early years working in his parents’ Japanese family pub-style restaurant. There Cho learned the hard-working ethic of the restaurant business, simultaneously playing the role of dishwasher, prep cook, bartender or manager, all while attending school. Cho attended college, served several years in the military, and graduated with a degree in computer science. Throughout, he worked every day at his parents’ restaurant and later at his parents’ bakery business. He was hired at a prestigious steel construction company in sales and engineering, but several years later immigrated to the United States where he enrolled in the Chicago Sushi School and began pursuing his dream career as a sushi chef. He studied under Master Sushi Chef Park, and later Nobuo Kobayashi, and Shozo Iwamoto. Chef Cho has worked for Kamehachi Restaurants for more than 15 years.

Cho believes that sushi is his second, or real life, and that his past jobs and life experiences have all been in preparation for his current career as a sushi chef. He finds the Japanese cuisine, and in particular, sushi to be rewarding and challenging. Cho believes the field of sushi is ever-changing, and that a sushi chef is always learning to perfect his craft and to further develop his skill. Chef Cho is passionate about sushi, and hopes to maintain Kamehachi as a leader in the Chicago sushi market by combining the authenticity of this time-honored craft with cutting-edge artistry and the latest sushi trends.

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