Tyson Peterson

Tyson Peterson

Spoke & Steele


Born and raised among the mountains, lakes and wildlife of Utah, Tyson Peterson realized his passion for cooking while growing up alongside 300 first and second cousins. Completely inspired but unable to wrangle his creativity, Peterson struggled in deciding which of his interests to pursue as a career. And though he originally felt called to architecture, he ultimately decided that his passion for the culinary world far surpassed any of his other hobbies or interests.

He entered the industry when he was recommended for a stage at The J&G Grill in Park City, Utah, where he would experience firsthand the thrill of the Olympics. He has developed an impressive pedigree since that time, most notably as a result of his work at The St. Regis Hotel - Deer Valley, home of a world class Chef Jean George restaurant, where after four years, he became Sous Chef.

In 2014, Peterson was approached by leadership at the Le Meridien Indianapolis, located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and home to Spoke & Steele, where the golden age of class and sophistication meets modern comfort and community.

Since joining the team, the culinary team has created a cuisine offering eclectic, modern comfort. Peterson creates dishes that are sourced locally. The team crafts as much as possible from scratch, ensuring the best quality product and experience. He has worked to create an environment of innovation, and encourages the team to experiment as often as possible. He has introduced pickling and charcuterie programs, and is actively exploring canning, jarring, and other preservation techniques.


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