Sam Burman

Sam Burman

MCA Cafe (Museum of Contemporary Art)


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Burman has been fascinated by the culinary world since a young age, having spent much of his childhood cooking alongside his mother. At age 13, Burman lost his mother to cancer and his passion for cooking grew stronger. After 10 years of culinary adventures throughout Chicago’s dining scene where he worked at places such as TRU & The Peninsula Hotel, Burman landed in San Diego where he spent his time as the Corporate Chef at Whisknladle Hospitality. It was in San Diego that Burman’s love for local product grew stronger. With a year round growing season he was able to put his passion to work. It was during this time that Burman developed a strong relationship with Tom Chino of Chino Farms; this helped further his knowledge of working with vegetables and a better understanding of farming.

Burman describes his culinary style as simple and honest, allowing the true flavors of seasonal ingredients to take center stage. A plate is work of art, and Burman believes working with food should celebrate creativity, innovation and community, however still keep a sense of playful sophistication.

When Burman’s not in the kitchen he enjoys spending time with his wife Kristen and young son Trey.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30