Ruth Migdal

Ruth Migdal

Ruth Migdal Sculpture Studio

When I was fifteen, I chose to make things, to be an artist? My eighty fourth birthday is on the seventeenth of this month August, actually right now as I write this.

As I look back, I see how lucky I was and have been all these years, because of the joy and deep pleasure that decision gave me. It was an easy choice for me. I never doubted for a moment that it was what I wanted and was determined to do through thick and thin, and there was thin.

Being a Depression and first generation kid, I never counted on making a living as an artist. To support myself and my passion, I always taught art. Luckily, I wound up being a Professor of Art at the City Colleges of Chicago for thirty years. Fortunately, I loved that too. I had wonderful students from eighteen to eighty-five, of all sizes, colors, and countries.

Right now, unlikely as it may seem, I am at the height of my artistic powers. I am overflowing with wanting to bring to life what is in my head and I am working on it. I want to make more and different Red Trees, the nucleus of which are the Divas in this exhibit. They are the beginning of my current and most fecund period. At this rate, I shall have to live to over a hundred years in order to make all that I want to make.


Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30