Priscila Satkoff

Priscila Satkoff


Hailing from Colonia San Angel, Mexico City, Chef Priscila Satkoff grew up in a place where the culture of food and entertaining was a staple in and of itself. It was because of her family, and the characters and appetites that come with it that Chef Satkoff first fell in love with the lush simplicity that is great cooking. As a child often was the time she could be found alongside her mother and grandmother, preparing meals for the family, absorbing cooking techniques and their unique flair for entertaining; many of these very same recipes can be found in use at her award winning restaurant, Salpicón, even today.

Chef Satkoff, upon earning a degree in Art History from the University of Mexico (UNAM) and while prolifically studying for her master’s degree, met her soon-to-be husband Vincent Satkoff while on vacation in Cozumel. Chef Satkoff soon found her way to Chicago, where she continued her master’s studies while working at Frontera Grill and Topolobampo with Chef Rick Bayless—still, Chef Satkoff found herself longing nostalgic about those days back home in her Mother’s and Grandmother’s kitchens, watching her family devour those authentic and creative meals. This longing soon got the best of her and in1995 Chef Satkoff found herself opening a restaurant of her own, working alongside her husband at the award-winning Salpicón, in Chicago.

Chef Satkoff’s passion and unique culinary fingerprint has since paid off with countless accolades from the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, TV Food Network, Chicago Sun-Times, as well as being named “Chef to Watch” and “Rising Star Chef” by the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, and co-hosting the TV Food Network’s show “Melting Pot.” Over the years Chef Satkoff’s star has continued to shine from publishing The Salpicón Cookbook to being named “One of the Top Chefs of Mexico” by Larousse Gastronomique.


In May of 2010, Priscila was named a “Legacy Chef” by the James Beard Foundation for its 20th Anniversary.


September 2011 saw the induction of Chef Satkoff into the Chicago Culinary Museum’s ‘Chefs Hall of Fame’. In honor of her induction, Mayor Rahm Emanuel proclaimed September 29, 2011 as “Chef Priscila Satkoff Day”. In May 2012 Priscila received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by The Flavors of Passion Awards.


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