Matthew Wilde

Matthew Wilde

Hubbard Inn/Joy District


Matthew Wilde started his gastronomic career, which would be the envy of many, by attending the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2000 and traveling and working throughout France. He gained experience as an intern at Le Petit Déjeuner in Chinon, France in 2001. Back stateside, Wilde found employment in some of Minneapolis’ and Chicago's most respected kitchens. Including Minneapolis hot spots La Belle Vie under Tim Mckee, a James Beard Award Winner, and Dakota Jazz Club under Jack Riebel, before going to Chicago to solidify his Executive Chef prowess. In Chicago, he served as Executive Chef for American Junkie in 2013, and at The Local Chicago in 2014. Following highly successful stints at various establishments, Wilde opened a Spanish tapas restaurant, Black Bull with corporate chef Bob Zrenner, which was met with great success.

Raised in a rural area Chef Wilde was exposed to outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. These activities assisted Wilde in his culinary foundation by being able to cook with the freshest ingredients. To him, hunting and cooking go hand in hand. As Wilde recalls his lifestyle growing up, ”Just translated into falling in love with food." His outdoor routes also explain his deep appreciation for fresh, locally grown produce and ingredients. Couple that with his time traveling overseas, Wilde was able to get an appreciation for the old school European cooking style while using the best ingredients.

At Hubbard Inn, Wilde brings his unique skill set and active mind every night. He believes the menu suits him well. Aside from using the finest ingredients, Wilde notes much of the menu is share plate friendly. A mentor of Wilde's once told him that it is acceptable to have a bad day, but not consecutively. To this day, Wilde abides by that logic and his mentality never wavers, cementing his status as a top chef that Hubbard Inn is proud to claim as their own.


Millennium Park   |   Sept 28 - 30