Joseph Mortera

Joseph Mortera

Cocktail developer, flavor blender & gin lover

Joseph Mortera: Cocktail developer, flavor blender & gin lover.

Mexican-born and currently positioned as one of the country's best bartenders, Joseph Mortera is a specialist in the manufacture of classic drinks and ingredient inspired cocktails with a defined and focused trend on the organic. He has acquired culinary influence by renowned chefs, which has become an expert on seduction of the palate.

With over ten years in the industry today Joseph Mortera is a dynamic mixer running his proposal making use of the extensive range of ingredients at the bar, all without leaving his passion for the Gin & Tonic.

Currently, Joseph Mortera´s cocktails can be enjoyed in several bars in Mexico City and within the country, such as Licoreria Limantour, Felina Bar, Belmondo, Salinger, Felix, Maximo Bistro among many others.


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