Isaak Daniel Reyes
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Isaak Daniel Reyes

Artango Bistro

Executive chef of Artango Bistro, Isaak Daniel Reyes, offers an innovative twist on Latin cuisine with food that is created from scratch using fresh, natural ingredients that are often locally sourced. He combines excellent South American fare with fresh ingredients and a twist: innovative dishes without compromising the provocative flavors of Latin roots. He provides an adventure in flavors with a menu that will satisfy all food lovers. Popular dishes include ceviche, causas, empanadas, arepas, filet mignon, grilled steaks, paella and homemade gnocchi.


Executive chef Reyes, formerly of Bistrot Margot on Wells Street in Chicago, IL, joined Artango Bistro back in 2013.


Millennium Park   |   Sept 28 - 30