Hisanobu Osaka

Hisanobu Osaka

Japonais by Morimoto

Chef Hisanobu Osaka, 46, was born in Kagawa, Japan. Professionally trained in both Japanese and French techniques, Chef Osaka blends his own experiences and background into his cuisine. Osaka draws on influences ranging from his mother’s traditional cooking to the food he has tasted throughout his travels throughout Japan and the U.S. As Executive Chef of Japonais by Morimoto in Chicago, Osaka focuses on dishes iconic to Japan – such as sushi – in addition to a number of fusion dishes that showcase the multiculturalism and diversity of his capabilities.

Osaka received his degree in Culinary Studies from the Tsuji Culinary School, Osaka, Japan in 1988. While still in school, Osaka began his career as a line cook at the Hilton Hotel, Nagoya, Japan. For the next ten years, Chef Osaka’s experience grew as he worked for the Hilton Hotel Group powerhouse. As Chef de Partie at the Hilton in Nagoya, Chef Osaka assisted in all special events. After assisting world famous Michelin Star Chef Mark Meneau one evening, his passion for cuisine was solidified.

Chef Osaka’s interests soon spread to abroad. He decided to apply for job opportunities in the United States. Osaka was selected, among a large and talented pool of applicants, to be the Executive and Private Chef of Japan’s General Counsel in New Orleans, LA.

After establishing a career in the United States, Chef Osaka’s talent was recognized by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Chef Morimoto approached Osaka for his assistance in opening his Philadelphia and New York restaurants. Chef Osaka soon became the Sous Chef of both restaurants, allowing him to influence menu development as well as the opportunity further master his craft. In the interim Chef Osaka worked with Chef Daniel Boulud at Daniel and Café Boulud, where he continued to master his technique. He has also shared his talent at the Sony Open as well as for President Obama.

Chef Osaka has worked alongside Chef Morimoto for the past eight years. Becoming his most trusted Chef, Chef Osaka has assisted with training and menu development at the Morimoto Restaurants in Napa, Waikiki, and Mexico City. Osaka’s background in French culinary techniques is what makes a great marriage with Morimoto’s techniques and vision. When Osaka was offered the opportunity to launch the newest Morimoto restaurant in Chicago he could not have been more excited.

“Chicago’s culinary scene is thriving,” said Osaka. “I love Chicago, and I wanted to be a part of the city where some of best Chefs in the world are experimenting outside the box and taking their culinary skills to a new level.”

Today, Osaka and his family reside in Chicago, IL. As the Executive Chef of Japonais by Morimoto, Osaka continues to add his flair and flavor to Morimoto’s signature menu bringing new dishes to Chicagoans weekly..

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