Edward G. Leonard

Edward g. Leonard

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The visionary and founder is Chef Edward G Leonard, CMC a dedicated chef with a true passion for all things culinary. A chef who lives it every day and creates a culture of hospitality and excellence in all he does.
Chef Edward G Leonard, CMC is one of only 72 certified master Chefs in the USA. Chef Leonard is a recognized chef not only in the USA but globally as well cooking and presenting in Macau, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand, and Germany just to name a few countries. Chef has authored 6 cook books, including "You eat with your eyes" a book featured at Crate and Barrel and his latest book Modern Buffets: Blueprint for Success: Wiley & sons 2012 is used by many culinary schools in the USA and abroad. His apprenticeship in cookery includes France, Italy, Germany and England. Chef describes his cuisine as American born and globally influenced.

His philosophy on food; Cooking is an art, a time honored craft, it does not matter if you cook a burger, make a sandwich, prepare a course for a 4 star wine dinner, any dish is to be made with quality ingredients, cooked with passion along with the proper cooking methodology. The chef or cook must have a goal to exceed the customers’ expectations while giving their taste buds the “wow” factor plain and simple. The Bistro goals are to ensure this happens every day.

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