Eddie Jackson
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BBQ Blitz


Eddie Jackson, The Next Food Network Star (Season 11) Winner, has created the perfect combination of two of his greatest passions: food and fitness! After retiring from the NFL, he took the time off from the countless hours of practice to spend with his friends and family and the easiest way to bring everyone together was food.

Eddie always felt at home on the field and even more so in the kitchen. Whether being taught family recipes by his dad or grandma, or coming up with his own culinary creations influenced by his travels in the NFL, he knew it was his way to share his love. After making it to top six on Fox’s MasterChef (Season 4), he returned home even more pumped to share his food love with the masses and he launched his own food truck, the Caribbean Grill. Now he’s able to share his food creations on an even larger scale on his latest TV endeavor, Kids BBQ on The Food Network.

Jackson played cornerback and strong safety at the University of Arkansas before signing with the Carolina Panthers in 2004. He spent the next two seasons with the Miami Dolphins. In 2007, he joined for the New England Patriots — the 16-0 team that stands as one of the best in league history.

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