David Dworshak

David Dworshak

Takito Kitchen / Bar Takito


David Dworshak has worked in the restaurant business for 18 years strong. Before moving to Chicago to further his professional culinary career, he studied Biology and French at the University of South Alabama. He received his Associates degree from Le Cordon Bleu Cooking & Hospitality Institute in 2001.

David had several food revelations at an early age. The first was having his grandmother’s homemade sourdough bread. Others included eating a home cooked meal by a friend’s French mother, having a garden tomato fresh off the vine, and eating a whole clove of roasted garlic for the first time at a restaurant. It was these experiences along with working at local restaurants since the age of 18 that fueled the fire that led him to become a professional chef.

During school in Chicago, David acquired a job under Chef Allen Sternweller at Harvest on Huron. There he became an assistant to Chef Mark Mendez (Carnivale, Vera). They bonded immediatelym and Mark became his mentor. They continued on to work together at two other Chicago restaurants.

David then landed a job under Chef Shawn McClain at his flagship restaurant, Spring, where they served an upscale French-Asian style of cuisine with great success. From there, David rejoined Mendez for a large Latin American concept, Carnivale. They worked as a team for six years at Carnivale on menu development, organization, and leadership in the 600 seat Chicago institution. Here, they began to embrace a farm-to-table philosophy by supporting several local farmers and producers. David spearheaded the roof top garden program at Carnivale and kept it running for four years.

In 2013, David left Carnivale to open Takito Kitchen in Wicker Park, where he created a “Mexican melting pot” concept focusing on unique tacos and small plates. The menu changes seasonally and supports many local farmers and products. They have been well received from the city’s diners as well as the local media.

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