Brian Ahern



As a studio art major at the College of Charleston, Brian Ahern got his first real taste of the restaurant industry as a way to earn extra income. Many hours and a few kitchens later, Brian realized that his interests and talents were ably applied to the business of cuisine and dining. Seeking experience and exposure, Brian left Charleston for New York City, where he immersed himself in the restaurant scene. For five years, Brian reported directly to Chef David Burke, and moved from line cook to Chef de Cuisine in a short amount of time relative to industry standards. The lessons learned during those five formative years established the basis of a strong, diverse culinary background.

Upon leaving the Burke Group, Brian took a job as sous chef in Scott Conant’s critically acclaimed Scarpetta restaurant in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Florida. While thriving at Scarpetta, gaining new experience and honing his craft, Brian was presented with an opportunity to open db bistro moderne as sous chef, under the world renowned Chef Daniel Boulud. Brian’s participation in the restaurant’s opening, and his time in the kitchen there helped bolster an already impressive culinary portfolio. In his various roles as Sous, Executive Sous and Executive Chef Brian has proven his knowledge of labor control, food cost management and personnel training.

Brian has an artist’s eye for detail, an unrelenting work ethic and a comprehensive understanding of the business based on deep experience in some the nation’s most prestigious restaurants. His strong leadership qualities and unwavering belief in the importance of team will allow him to create a work environment centered on accountability and character.

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