Bob Zrenner

Bob Zrenner

Hubbard Inn

Bob Zrenner fell in love with cooking at an early age while watching Julia Child after Sesame Street and then asking his Grandma to try some of the recipes. His interest did not fade over the years, and when it was time to find a job, Zrenner was drawn to the kitchen.

After two years at Ferris State University in northern Michigan, Bob realized he was only happy in the kitchen, so he enrolled in the culinary program at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. While in school, Bob was fortunate to earn a position at the prestigious Al Forno in Providence. Upon completion of his degree, he returned to Chicago to become a member of the opening staff of TRU. While the kitchen of TRU received many accolades, the style of food was not true to the craftsmanship and love of the ingredients Bob had learned while working at Al Forno. Offered a position as Sous Chef at North Pond, he jumped at the chance. Under Chef Bruce Sherman, Bob’s passion for proper technique and respect for the ingredients was reinforced and his foundation as a chef was complete.

Over the years, Bob Zrenner has had the great opportunity of being in charge of many renowned restaurants, from a classical French Bistro to a modern Asian/Mediterranean fusion small plate concept. It was his love of technique and straightforward cooking that brought him to Hubbard Inn. Executive Chef Bob Zrenner’s love of a good time is apparent in his approach to his menu design. He understands that the meal is an integral part of the gathering of friends and sharing an experience in a fun environment. Hubbard Inn continues to cultivate Executive Chef Zrenner’s passion for food and respect for the ingredients his kitchen uses.

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