2014 Beyond Gourmet: The Dinner Series

Beyond Gourmet: The Dinner Series is a quarterly event  to celebrate the Chicago culinary and beverage industry throughout the year, providing unique opportunities for attendees to interact with Chicago’s talented chefs, mixologists and sommeliers through an educational evening of great food, wine and cocktails. 




Our Oat-to-Table dinner
with Steve Dolinsky & Quaker Executive Chef Andrew Moltz

On October 8th we joined The Quaker Oats Company for an incredible evening of oat-inspired recipes from their Executive Chef Andrew Moltz at Celeste in Chicago. Seasonally curated for the occasion, Chef Andrew developed the menu below with inspiration from fall ingredients such as hibiscus poached pear, chanterelle mushrooms and the sweet flavor of figs. It was also accompanied by an artisanal cocktail – a nice touch to round out the oat-to-table dinner.




As part of Chef Andrew’s role as Executive Chef at The Quaker Oats Company, he works closely with Research and Development to focus on new product innovation and recipe development to showcase how oats can be used in exciting, unexpected and flavorful ways at each meal. 




“When crafting new menu items, I look at the seasonality of the ingredients and think about what will provide a unique flavor experience when combined with oats,” says Andrew.  Known for its glamorous interpretation of turn-of-the-century Chicago, Celeste’s modern décor and refined atmosphere were the perfect complement to the event. “The whole evening really came together,” says Steve, “I’m very proud of Chef Andrew’s accomplishments, and think that he created a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy.”



Griddled Oat Cake

Old Fashioned Oats,

Peeky Toe Crab,

Mascarpone, Chive

Steel Cut Oat Risotto

Santa Barbara Spot Prawn,

Whipped Müller Yogurt,

Chanterelle Mushroom

Oat Panelle

Candy Onion Soubise,

Fines Herbs, Oven Dried

Tomato, Frisée



End of Summer Grilling

Join Chef Josh Marrelli for an incredible evening of grilled meats from The Chop Shop’s authentic butcher shop sourced from local farms accompanied by seasonal veggies and craft cocktails. 



A Spirited Cocktail Dinner at The Bristol

Let the talented folks at The Bristol lead you through a creative, seasonal 4-course menu, all paired with hand crafted cocktails. Mixologist David Willhite will teach you how to craft the perfect cocktail at home while Chef Chris Pandel will reveal his favorite spirit as well as some tips for pairing spirits with food. David will be joined by guest Mixologists Debbi Peek and Bridget Albert from Southern Wine & Spirits who have created a thoughtful cocktail menu for the evening. To view the full menu for the evening, please click here.  

Millennium Park   |   Sept 28 - 30