AnneMarie Sagoi

Annemarie Sagoi

Phnom Penh

Annemarie Sagoi has worked with some of Chicago’s most talented chefs and bartenders during her tour of duty in the city’s vibrant restaurant and bar scene. Sagoi cut her teeth at Pilsen’s Nightwood, & Michelin-rated Graham Elliot before jumping behind the stick at the Wicker Park bourbon and tequila mecca known as Big Star. She also began a long tenure at the Charleston where she received local and national attention for her industry DJ-nights which featured inventive punches and the reimagining of the Jell-o shot (and later presented a seminar on the Science of Gourmet Jell-o Shots at Portland Cocktail Week 2014). Sagoi has won numerous competitions including the Chicago Bacardi Superior Cup, 1st place in the 2014 Tenzing Coupe, and the National Cherry Heering Competition at ToTC 2013. She managed the beverage program at The Dawson, which opened in October 2013 and was honored with Time Out’s “Best New Restaurant Cocktail Program”. Sagoi has been given a nod for her industry innovation in Food & Wine, The Chicago Sun Times, Bon Appetit, Wine Enthusiast, Imbibe, and several more. Currently she is sharing her expertise as a consultant to numerous establishments, teaching bitters workshops, and managing the recently-opened speakeasy The Drifter. She is planning her own bar in Phnom Penh slated to open December 2015, as well as a vermouth-focused bar opening early next year in Chicago.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 24 - 29, 2019