Andy Foo
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Andy Foo

Imperial Lamian


Since joining the Imperial Group, Chef Kok Lam “Andy” Foo proved to be a vital leader in both the creative and culinary development of the organization. As a steward of his native culture, Foo is committed to purveying an immersive menu where in every nuance guests can experience the authentic cuisine that Southeast Asia offers. Foo brings years of professional and personal wisdom to the Imperial Group. From childhood, Foo has been engrossed in the world of restaurants. As a single parent, Foo’s mother owned and operated a small restaurant to provide for her three children. On school holidays Foo assisted his mother at her restaurant where, through his mother’s smile, he was first exposed to the genuine pride and affirmation that accompanies the art of cooking.

Foo embraced his mother’s passion and entered the culinary profession in his teenage years. For 19 years, Foo migrated around Southeast Asia undergoing apprenticeships until finally achieving the status of Executive Chef at Zui Fairprice in Singapore and shorty then after at Imperial Treasure Kitchen in Indonesia.

Foo wasted no time, as only a mere two years later, he obtained the position of Chef de Cuisine at Hakkasan Restaurant, a Michelin Star awarded Cantonese restaurant renowned for its contemporarily chic yet indisputably authentic dishes. Almost an evangelist of Chinese cuisine, Foo continued his circuit around Europe, manning kitchens from Ireland all the way to Russia.

Ingrained in his cooking is a storied history, representing different cultures that he experienced through his travels.

“For me, being a chef is not only transforming food into dishes,” said Chef Foo. “But to love and respect each dish, in order to preserve our culture and hopefully those who enjoy the food can feel our passion as well.”

From the implementation and design of the menu to the training and recruitment of the staff, Chef Foo is dedicated to establishing Imperial Lamian as a paragon of Chinese cuisine in Chicago.


Millennium Park   |   Sept 28 - 30