Chicago Gourmet - bio: Ben Reaves
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Ben Reaves

LM Restaurant Group

Ben Reaves is the Executive Chef at LM Bistro. Reaves, formerly the Chef de Cuisine at Brasserie 54 and Sous Chef at Premise, is a 2009 graduate of The California Culinary Academy and a 10 year veteran of the restaurant industry.

“It’s long been my dream to participate in this kind of high-level culinary team and to provide exceptional food to a discerning clientele” says Reaves of the opportunity to work with the prestigious LM Restaurant Group.A self-described “working chef,” Reaves has a deep love for the act of cooking, everything from prep to service, and still prefers to see and do rather than stand back and direct. He has had the opportunity to work with many innately gifted chefs and describes his biggest influencers as Graham Elliot’s Brian Runge and John Slack and BOKA’s Carl Shelton.

“I have a good palette, an excellent memory for taste and aroma, and a willingness to work hard and practice doggedly.” Says Reaves. “Any skills I've developed are a direct result of those qualities.” When he’s not working he can be found at the gym, sleeping or cooking Tex-Mex food with his wife.

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