Chicago's First Inspections Notifications
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City of Chicago’s First Consolidated Restaurant Inspection Notices Due Out Week of Sept. 13!

  • Announced by the IRA & the City last week—a NEW RESTAURANT INSPECTIONS & LICENSE FEE STREAMLINING PROCESS—the City’s Dept. of Buildings will soon be notifying restaurants when routine inspections are to occur. This will enable you to schedule your appointment, rather than the appointment being unannounced and/or during your busy service hours. This will be more beneficial to your operations and ensure that you have the appropriate personnel to help you with the inspector. (Note: Health, Police & Fire inspections will remain unannounced.)
  • The IRA wanted to make you aware that some; not all of you will be receiving notification next week about scheduling your upcoming routine inspections with the City. Those restaurants with November renewals that have not yet received an inspection should receive this notice. December renewals will follow later.
  • You can reply to this notification by either calling "311" or via the city’s web site (go to the "Confirmation Tool" link). If you do not respond, city inspectors will come to your restaurant unannounced for the time that they have selected for your inspection! The IRA encourages you to comply with this notice and promptly respond.
  • Also, if you have not done so, we encourage you to check out the City’s new web site listed above that features an on-line "license wizard", answers to FAQ’s, and many other helpful tools for Chicago restaurant operators.

If you have further questions, contact Donovan Pepper at the IRA at (312) 787-4000.

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