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IRA Staff

Sam Toia
ext. 114

Maria Bello
Assistant Director of Finance & Administration
ext. 118

Mary Kay Bonoma
Vice President of Operations
ext. 141

Ashley Brandon
Project Manager
ext. 133

Christine DeSousa
Membership & Member Relations
ext. 146


Eric Fine
Director of Membership
ext. 115

Fran Paty
Education Coordinator
ext. 123


Kaitlin Montes
Chicago Gourmet Assistant Event Manager
ext. 140

Liz Sorrentino
Chicago Gourmet Executive Director
ext. 128

Barbara Stankus
Director of Administration & Finance
ext. 119

Kathy Summers
IRA Educational Foundation Executive Director
ext. 147

Elizabeth Washington
Education Administrative Assistant
ext. 124

Mary Wilkie
Director of Education
ext. 121

Jenna Zera
IRA Educational Foundation Project Coordinator
ext. 117

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