Chicago Gourmet - bio: Vincent Geraci
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Vincent Geraci

Caffé Gelato

Vincent Geraci, a Chicago native, was born into a Sicilian heritage filled with culinary traditions and values dated long before his time. From early on, Vincent was exposed to the unique tastes and aromas of his family’s culture, ultimately nurturing and inspiring a passion of his own for good food.  

As far back as Vincent can remember he was always helping out his mom and grandma in the kitchen or sitting by his dad’s side while he would butcher up the meat for the family. Constantly curious and eager to learn more, his family taught him the Italian traditions and techniques specific to his family and culture. From learning how to make breads and pasta from scratch, to butchering meat and churning gelato, Vincent’s family inadvertently contributed to shaping who he is and the niche he has.
Vincent has continued this tradition at Caffe Gelato in Wicker Park.
Exposed and immersed in Italian culture and cuisine his entire life, he developed a pallet early on for the unique tastes. His knowledge and expertise is not a skill one can solely learn from a class, but rather is acquired through years of exposure and immersion in Italian culture, cuisine, and generations of tradition. 
Wanting to expand his skill set and develop further professionally as a chef, Vince immersed himself into true Italian culture, by travelling to Sicily. While there he went from restaurant to restaurant, pizzeria to pizzeria, bakery to bakery, and farm to farm, working side-by-side with his “Paesani” (fellow townsmen) to master his skills and get to the core of his family’s traditions.

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