Chicago Gourmet - bio: Sue Ontiveros
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Sue Ontiveros

Chicago Sun-Times

Sue Ontiveros has been with the Chicago Sun-Times for a long time. How long, you ask? When she started there, the tri-colored pasta salad was the trendy, “gourmet” food of the day.

She’s an editor and columnist at the paper, and food always has been a big part of who she is. Any driving directions you get from her always involve restaurants — and what she ate there — as landmarks.

Sue is the deputy features editor, where she oversees the Food and Easy sections as well as all things lifestyles. Follow her on Twitter — @sueontiveros — if you want regular updates on what’s happening on Chicago’s food scene.

She and her family live in Rogers Park, down the street from the awesome Holzkopf’s Meat Market (best thuringers ever) and La Unica (freshest local tortillas).

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