Chicago Gourmet - bio: Rodney Staton
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Rodney Staton

The Drawing Room

Executive Chef Rodney Staton took the helm at the Drawing Room in June 2012. His style of Modern American cuisine with Mediterranean influences focuses on highlighting the ingredients on the plate. Chef Staton established the foundation of his style in Seattle at Campagne, a French bistro in Pike Place market that introduced Chef to the importance of quality ingredients being the basis of any good plate. This idea was solidified at Marisol, the eclectic eatery that shuttered after Hurricane Katrina. Working there, under Peter Vasquez, Chef Staton expanded his repertoire to unusual ingredients and regional influences that you can now find gracing the Drawing Room menu.   Since then he’s honed his style and skills in the award winning kitchens such as Craftsteak, Spiaggia, Longman & Eagle. With his beautiful plates and delicious flavor combinations, Chef Staton is a welcome addition to the Drawing Room.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30