Chicago Gourmet - bio: Victorio Padilla
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Victorio Padilla

Tuscany Taylor

Chef Victorio has a wealth of education and experience in culinary arts with Phil Stefani Signature Restaurants. During the 23 years he has worked for Stefani Group he has immersed himself in all aspects of the kitchen. Through these relationships he has obtained direct and incomparable experiences. He observes food trends and Italian traditions and applies them in continued pursuit of perfection and development of new dishes and Tuscany classics.  Chef Victorio is always conscious of those around him, and is focused on education and teaching his cooks and restaurant staff about the food, presentation, and efficiency in the kitchen.  

As the Executive Chef at Tuscany, Padilla makes all customers feel welcomed through his knowledgeable servers greeting them in a friendly and warm manner and through his experienced kitchen staff cooking dishes that will delight their palate. Chef Victorio makes a point to listen to customer’s inquiries, by preparing food that will meet their demand. He strives to have Tuscany’s food recognized and remembered.

Millennium Park   |   Sept 26 - 30