Chicago Gourmet - bio: Donald Ziraldo
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Donald Ziraldo

TWG/ Equifera Icewine

No one has done more to turn Icewine into Canada’s signature wine around the world than the founding partners of Inniskillin Karl Kaiser and Donald Ziraldo. Fuelled by a passion for this exceptional wine style, and a pursuit of excellence, these innovators became tireless global ambassadors for Icewine. Partnering with top Sommeliers, they built Icewine into a world renowned, luxury product.

Donald Ziraldo continues his impact on the Canadian wine industry to this day; he is the Founding Chairman of the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) and in 2006, was appointed as the Chairman of the Vineland Research and Innovation Center by the Ministry of Agriculture.
In 1998, Donald felt honoured to receive the Order of Canada; the highest tribute paid to its citizens. He has also received an honorary Doctorate of Law from Brock University.
In 1999, the National Post Magazine chose Donald as one of the top twenty-five Canadian CEO’s of the century. In recognition of his contributions in business and to his community, Donald has received numerous domestic and international awards and lifetime achievements in the areas of wine making and marketing, business development and entrepreneurialism.
Donald is the author of several books, including Icewine: Extreme Winemaking.
In his partnership with Equifera Estate, Donald will continue his role as a global ambassador for Canadian Icewine.

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